The new green and smart revolution!

Creating a hub of services, solutions and collaboration for Smart and Green Buildings & Communities


We have extensive expertise, since 1995, in the design, specification, implementation and O&M activities of Smart and Green solutions for international and large projects for Buildings and Communities.

Our involvement is “End-2-End”, from the initial Inception stage through to the final close out stage, we ensure the success of a project and compliance to specification and we can advise during the user experience and exploitation.

Frederic Gil Banús

I am a consultant and engineer specializing in digital business development projects in the building sector and in international building engineering projects with a high degree of technological innovation and, in particular, in Mechanical and Electrical Building Facilities (MEP), Sustainability Strategies, Energy Efficiency and Circular Economy and ICT Integration (BIM, BMS, IoT, AI, Digital Twins).

I have more than 25 years of experience in technical management, design and supervision of works, coordination of unique building projects (Hospitals, Museums, Office Buildings, Shopping Centers, Logistics Warehouses, Hotels, Data Centers, Sports Centers, Residential, etc.) all over the world (Algeria, Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, USA, France, Germany, Great Britain, Mexico, Morocco, Switzerland…).

In my last 15 years, I have expanded my technical and management experience with the development of areas and businesses related to construction, engineering, sustainability and innovation and internationalization.

Towards to Engineering 4.0

Betting on innovation in the latest trends in the engineering sector 4.0, my passion is to lead, participate and / or collaborate in projects, whether business and / or technical management and implementation with a high degree of innovation and sustainability and with dynamic, multidisciplinary and international environments and teams.

Finally, my participation in European innovation projects applied to the building construction sector (BIM, Digital Twins, IoT – eBMS, AI, Green-Blue Grids, NetZero & Smart Buildings and Communities ( LCA) as well as my capabilities, expertise and skills in leadership, development and management of engineering areas and technology companies focus both my present and my professional and entrepreneurial future towards the concept of Engineering 4.0.

Green and Smart Buildings and Communities

A new energy ecosystem is emerging that connects smart, green buildings with a smart grid to optimize energy flows.

As the technologies of smart buildings and smart grids meet, they’ll provide huge benefits in terms of more efficient energy use, integration of on-site energy demand and generation with the grid, and better-functioning buildings that are better and safer places to work and live.

Green communities & Buildings

A “green” community is the one that considers its impact on the environment and human health.  Green buildings are energy efficient, resource efficient and environmentally responsible.

Green Smart buildings & Grids

Smart buildings should look beyond the building equipment within their four walls. They should be connected and responsive to the power grid and renewable energy sources as well as secure links to the internet and interact with building operators and occupants to empower them with new levels of visibility and actionable information.

Services, solutions and collaborative HUB

We help AECOO businesses succeed with innovating solutions, green strategic advisory and support executing all the way to exit.
An effective collaborative strategy can accelerate growth exponentially. Our collaborators and advisors ‘rolling their sleeves up’ and getting involved wherever they can add value. Some of the advantages of a good hub of collaborations are:

Fill critical gaps in a startup’s expertise and experience, open professional networks, provide new opportunities, provide industry 4.0 knowledge & overcome regulatory issues

Our team and hub are focused on delivering efficiencies and bottom-line value for clients. Working on challenging projects with tight timelines, we deliver results, destress management and support value creation. All of this feeds back to those that count most to all of us, those that depend on us to succeed, together.

Engineering 4.0 Services

It is the time to have new and smart solutions for the MEP sector. We need to understand how to overcome problems, how to have better results. We focuses on developing and enhancing offsite work and prefabrication modular system installation designs.


We support AECO construction sector and customers to take urgent action on climate change. To help clients on every step of this sustainability journey, we provide in-depth experience in building systems, innovation, and digital expertise.


We build your foundation for digital transformation. To help clients on every step of this digital transformation, we provide in-depth experience in building systems, sustainability, and innovation expertise.


We promote AECO construction sector and customers to think on innovative processes, tools and equipment. To help clients on every step of this innovation process, we provide in-depth experience in building systems, sustainability, and digital expertise.


Our communities are important to us, so we work hard at providing building solutions for different needs and budgets, focusing on what really matters – the end use.

We can create a custom building, fit for your exact requirements, whatever the projected uses of the building are. We listen, offer advice and provide you with options that will best meet your needs. We are full of great community building ideas, so talk to us today.


There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for a community’s needs. The geographic, cultural and political fabric of each community we partner with is unique, which is why the engineering solutions are unique, too. We consider all of these variables to ensure the project is built to last.


We build a better world through engineering projects that empower communities to meet their basic human needs. Our highly skilled collaborators work with communities to find appropriate solutions for their infrastructure needs. Smart (E-Health, IoT sensors and Domotics) and Green Houses.

Non Residential

By harnessing the skills of our most experienced consultants and collaborators, the Engineering 4.0 Service team is equipped to deliver creative, lasting solutions for a myriad of global challenges. Smart IoT and Green solutions for, hotels, hospitals, logistic and industrial, offices, retail …


Frederic Gil Banús | M (+34) 680 766 064